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Case Studies

Partnerships In Action

Telling people what we’ve done is sometimes easier than telling them what we do. Here are some examples of how we’ve made it easy for others to help the Chicago Public Schools.

CME Group – Tech Talk 2 Donation, May 2013

The Opportunity

We received an email from a contact with the CME Group looking to make a donation of tablets to a school as part of an annual event they were hosting called Tech Talk 2.

The Solution

We worked with donor to select receiving schools as well as the logistics for the donation.  Any questions that came up along the process we were able to work closely with the donor to get them solutions.

The Result

Below is a quick video highlighting the event…


Free Things Overload, March 2008

The Opportunity:

We received a phone call from a large company that was restructuring and wished to donate 1500 boxes of office supplies as soon as possible.

The Solution:
We directed the shipment of supplies to the CPS warehouse where we set about organizing and preparing the items for distribution. Using our database of school wishlists, we identified schools needing items like the one’s donated and had many of the larger items shipped directly to the requesting schools. Finally, we organized a Free Things Day and invited all CPS teachers and principals to come to the warehouse to select the remaining items and supplies for use in their schools and classrooms.

The Result
Students in over 150 CPS schools benefited from the donation of much needed supplies and furniture.

They Came To Help, July 2008

The Opportunity

As frequently happens, we received a call from a local financial trading firm looking to support early childhood education. They wanted to donate funds to improve the early childhood facilities of an elementary school and to involve volunteers in the process.

The Solution

We narrowed down a list of schools most in need and they funded the renovation of a playground and two classrooms for one school. 50 volunteers from the firm served as the playground construction crew for one day in a customized team-building event.

The Result

Under the direction of the building services, our volunteers constructed a brand new playground in one day and had great fun making a difference in the lives of over 900 students.