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Computer Donations to CPS

Donating a Computer | Receiving a Computer Donation

Donating a Computer to CPS

To ensure compatibility with the CPS network, all donated computers must meet the minimum standards listed below. Please review these standards before contacting CPS about a donation.

If your computer meets these criteria, CPS can accept your donation and distribute it to schools that could use it. To arrange for a donation, or to ask any questions you may have, please contact the CPS Technology Department technologypurchases@cps.edu

If your computer does not meet these standards, unfortunately our schools will be unable to use it. You might consider recycling it at the City of Chicago Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility.

PC Minimum Requirements
Processor 1.4 GHz
Memory (RAM) 512 MB
Hard Disk 20 GB
Free Hard Drive Space 20% of total hard drive space should be free
Optical Drive DVD ROM
Operating System XP Professional Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 Professional or better
Software Browser Internet Explorer 7
Network Connection 10/100
Wireless WPA2
Mac Minimum Requirements
Base System G3
Processor Core Duo 1.6 GHZ
Memory (RAM) 512 MB
Hard Disk 20 GB
Free Hard Drive Space 20% of total hard drive space should be free
Optical Drive Combo Drive/Super Drive 48x CD-ROM/8x DVD
Operating System Mac OS X 10.5.8 (a.k.a. Leopard)
Software Browser Safari v1.x
Network Connection 10/100
Wireless WPA2

Receiving a Computer Donation

Schools accepting a computer donation must follow these steps:

  1. Request asset tags. Before receiving the donation, contact TechXL at 773-553-3925 to request asset tags for each computer.  Make sure to specify that these are donated computers.  These tags will be needed for proper naming of the device on the network.
  2. Determine whether each computer has an operating system installed. If no operating system is installed, the following free CDs may be requested from CDW-G by contacting Bradley Huffman at 866-888-2239 or bradhuf@cdwg.com:
    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Volume Licensing Agreement CD
    • Microsoft Office 2003 Volume Licensing Agreement CD

    Note:these CDs may only be used for computers owned by CPS and used in CPS facilities. For Macintosh computers, contact TechXL at 773-553-3925 for software options. These items must be installed by an administrator, which can be either the school’s Technology Coordinator or a consultant, who can be contracted through TechXL at 773-553-3925 for $65 per hour.
    If the operating system is reinstalled, you must also download and install device drivers for the modem, graphics card and other internal hardware. Drivers can be downloaded from the computer manufacturer’s website. Devices requiring drivers can be found on a PC by right-clicking on My Computer, clicking Properties, clicking the Hardware tab and opening Device Manager.

  3. Run CPS utilities on each computer.  When the machines arrive on site, the receiving school will be responsible for the following tasks:
    • Running the CPS Remediation Script
    • Running the Correct Computer Name Utility
    • Running the Join Domain Utility
    • Running the CPS Remediation Script
    • Running the Asset Utility (Windows only)
    • Installing the SCCM client (Windows) or the AbsoluteManage tool (Mac)

    These utilities along with detailed instructions are available on each school’s compliance website.  If you don’t know your school’s compliance website, go to  http://school-ADM01 and you will be redirected to it.

  4. Enter the donation on the CPS Chief Financial Officer’s Grants/Gifts/Donations application in the Oracle system. Contact Patricia Jennings-Gary in School Financial Services at 773-553-2395 with any questions about this step.


Michael Manning, Project Coordinator
773-553-1545 mmanning@cps.edu

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