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External Partnerships handles several programs, each with its own set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Click the name of the program you are interested in below to see the FAQ’s for that program. If you have questions about External Partnerships, see our About Us page or give us a call at 773-553-1540.

Free Things FAQ

Q: How does the Free Things wish list work?
The wish list is completed by the teacher/principal and kept on file for the current school year. As donations are received throughout the year the Free Things Coordinator will email the contact person listed on the wish list to notify them that an item is available, confirm that the item is still needed, and if so she’ll tell the contact person when they can expect the item/s to arrive at the school.

Q: If I leave my current school can I resubmit a new wish list for my new school?
Yes. E-mail or call the Free Things Coordinator informing them that you have changed schools and fax over the new wish list.

Q: If I have a wish list on file can I request items from the Free Things web page?
Yes. If you request an item that is on your wish list then it will be recorded on file as filled.

Q: How many wish lists can be on file for one school?
There is no limit per school but one wish list may be submitted per person.

Q: Who can submit a wish list?
Principals, teachers and department heads may submit wish lists.

Q: How often should wish lists be updated?
Every school year. At the beginning of each school year the contact person listed will receive an e-mail listing what is currently on file and they are to update or the list is to remain as-is.

Q: Can I donate materials that my school no longer needs to the Free Things program?
Yes. We encourage schools to recycle items that they no longer need within the CPS system instead of throwing them away. Contact the Free Things Coordinator and they’ll help arrange pick up and distribution of the goods. Please complete and fax a School to School Donation Form (PDF) to the Free Things Coordinator.

Q: Will I really receive the items that I have submitted on the wish list?
Most likely, yes. You may not receive all of the items you have listed at one time. However, over time the goal is to fill as many wish list requests and help as many schools as possible throughout the school year.

Q: How often are items posted on the Free Things webpage?
The Free Things webpage is updated based upon the volume and type of donations received.

Q: Where can I find a wish list form or free things request form?
You can find these on the Free Things page.

Q: I have submitted a request form. Will I receive a response whether my request was granted or denied?
Yes, you will receive a response via e-mail to notify you of whether your request was declined or granted. Depending on the volume of requests, this may take several days.

Q: Who should I list as the contact person on the request form?
List the person that wants to receive correspondences from the Free Things Coordinator and who the items should be marked attention to once they are delivered by the warehouse. This could be the principal, engineer, teacher or other staff person at the school.

Q: I have some computers that I want to get rid of. Can I donate them to the Free Things program?
Yes, you can donate them if they meet the CPS requirements, which are listed on the Computer Donations page.

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