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Free Things (In-Kind Donations)

Our schools are always in need of supplies and equipment.  Often, companies and individuals give CPS material goods such as school supplies, office supplies, musical instruments, school furniture and computers (see the Guide for Donating Computers) and we distribute them to requesting CPS schools.

If you or your organization would like to make a donation, please call 773-553-1545.

Another component of the Free Things program is the reuse of materials that are currently a part of CPS. If you’re a retiring teacher, your school is closing or moving, or if your school no longer has use for these materials please contact the Free Things Coordinator and we can help facilitate a School to School Donation.(PDF)

Schools have requested the following list of items in the past. This list is not exhaustive. If you have something to donate that you do not see here, we can assist you in finding a school that could use it. Please give us a call.

Furniture Instruments Supplies
Carpet Bells Art Supplies
Chairs Clarinet Binders
Chairs-Beach Congo Drums Book binding machine
Chairs-Big Kids Cymbals Book binging spirals
Chairs-Primary Drums Book-bags
Chair-Teacher Flute Books
Computer table French Horn Books with audio cassette
Display Case Glockenspiels
Bulletin Board
Executive Chair Guitar Calculator
File Cabinets-Lateral Maracas Card-stock
File Cabinets-Vertical Metallophones Chair Pocket Sacks
Folding Chairs Mouthpiece Cork board
Garbage cans Piano/Keyboard DVDs (Educational)
Lab tables Rain Sticks Easel
Lamp Recorders Envelopes
Oversize Pillows Saxophone Felt Board
Refrigerator Sheet Music File Folders
Rugs Sound System Folders
Small Couch Tambourine Globe
Small Refrigerator Trombone Glue
Small round table Trumpet Hole Puncher
Stools Tuba Index cards
Table (Conference) Turntable Index Cards
Table (Lunchroom) Viola Markers
Table Classroom Violin Math Manipulative Kits
Table-Round Voice Monitor Misc. school supplies
Vertical magazine rack Xylophone Mouse Pads
Technology Science Equipment Paint / Crayons
Audio Tape Alcohol Burner Paper (Construction)
AV Cart Beakers Paper (Copy)
Blank CDs Chemicals Paper (Grid)
Calculator IntegratedTech. Paper (Loose-leaf)
CD Player-Individual Magnifying Glass Paper (Primary)
Computer Microscope Pencil Sharpener
Computer speakers Petri Dish Pens/Pencils
Copier Scope Camera Post-it notes
Digital Camera Ruler
Disposable Cameras Volunteer Scissors
DVD Duplicator Cleaning Stapler
DVD Player Gardening Thumbtacks
Fax Machine Job Shadowing Transparencies
Flash Drive Judges White Board
Head phones Library White Board / Marker
Karaoke Machine Packing
Keyboards Painting
Laminating Machine
Laptop Sponsors
LCD Projector Training
Memory Cards Tutors
Microphone Sports Equipment
Monitors Baseball
Overhead Projector Basketball
Overhead Projector Screen Football
Playground Golf
Printer Gymnastics
Radio Soccer
Scanner Softball
Smart Board Tennis
Speakers Track
Tape recorder Volleyball
TV stand
USB cord
Video Camera


Michael Manning, Project Coordinator
773-553-1545 mmanning@cps.edu

Visit the Free Things FAQ